Wednesday, December 29, 2004

it's been a long time since i've seen u last
how time goes fast

i'm well
though i've gone through some deep changes in my life
it hasn't been easy
It's been difficult at times

sometimes i sit down and cry
and ask god why
fair what is

i know how ure feelin
same thing i did deal with
ure not as alone as u may feel
u see catches up to us fast
we have to deal with our past
i know it's painful but
there ull find specialness
cuz everybody needs to feel real special
we need to remember
that love lies deep within ourselves
we have to
want it so
it starts with us and only us

we must learn
we're all born
with specialness inside of us
i have the need to feel real special too
u see
u can't run away from ur pain
because wherever u run
there u will be

u have to learn
to water ur spiritual garden
u will be free

Saturday, December 25, 2004

merry christmas everybody!! and happy holidays!

spending the holidays in soooooo nice!
everything is the first time for me.
i'm sooooooooo excited!!!! wooooooooooooohoooooooooooo!!!!

special thx to u for everythig u do only for me.

Friday, December 24, 2004

santa claus is coming to Japan! next is.....


i couldn't get "IT"!!
such is life.....i'm so sad actually.......*sigh*

Merry Christmas (eve) in Japan:)

merry christmas to my dad, mom, my sis....all my friends and all my precious people in Japan. luv u all so much:) have a wonderful time!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

my foot soooooooooooooooo hurt.

BUT!! finally, i found IT!!huh! do ya know what i'm talking about?
"IT" is the "IT"!! uhm...never mind....
anyway, i found one of my x-mas gifts. sooooo tired.

BUUUT!! that's not the one that i want. so i'm gonna wait till Tomorrow....

we'll see.

i found a gift, i found a gift♪

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

omg part2
omg....does somebody want to know how cold it is here now??

it's -25 degree now....huh.

i don't like Montreal now....

Saturday, December 18, 2004


omg......i'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo full!

to u

just wanna say how hard to have a conversation w/ u.
i really want to tell u what i think, what i feel....but i can't now.
u know that.
and i know that makes u confused and get annoyed.
i don't have what u have.
i don't expect u to understand my situation, cuz u'll never be able to understand.
and this real distance makes me hurt.
cuz it's too close.
but i feel that our hearts are not that close.
what should i do?
what am i supposed to do?

would somebody tell me..........?

Thursday, December 16, 2004

just don't wanna get off the bed...
i'm still in the bed now. i really love this.
super comfortable.......

recently, somehow i feel i'm so busy and getting tired easily.
i donno if just because it's the end of the year or because the weather's sucking my energy...or just because i'm getting old....oops.

k. really don't wanna do it, but should do it.
i'm gonna get off the beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!
otherwise it's quite possible i'm gonna be a pig

*oink oink*

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

where is santa claus...

omg...i wasn't expected that it's soooooooooooooooo hard to find a x-mas gift!!
i was looking for only one present for about 3 hours....and finally, i couldn't find it!! damn it!! i gave up for today. but i vow that i'm gonna find it in any means.

k. gatta go. my foot soooooooooooooooooooooo hurt...*sigh*

9:15pm added:
just wanted to let u know it's -10 degree now!!!!!

12:58am 12/15/2004 added:
omg......-15 degree now. holy!!!

Monday, December 13, 2004

santa claus is coming.....soooooooooon!

Friday: had dinner w/ my tutor. she made butter chicken. that's soooooo yummy. we were supposed to go to KARAOKE. However we're late and had to cancel.....sux. drunken Italian guys talked to me when i waited for coming metro. they had really strong accent, so it was really hard to catch but we had some conversations and said good-bye. what i want to say is that i COULD have a conversation in English. that's great!! well, some people may say that it's a little bit risky thing to talk w/ strangers. But at that time, i even didn't care about that. hahaha. crazy jap.

Saturday: went shopping. saw the movie "ocean's twelve". it was good:) Catherine zeta-jones was still hot. had a good time. after that we ate chocolate brownie and had some apple wine. as u know, i got drunk even though i didn't finish a glass of wine. huh.

Sunday: went shopping. cleaned up the house for new year, actually for having a x-mas tree. the fake one. but really good to have a x-mas tree:) i was sooooooooo excited during decorating it. to tell the truth, i can't wait for x-mas!!! hey, i'm still allowed to wait for it and x-mas gifts, right?
after that, took a bath w/ candles and musics. omg, that's siiiiiick!! i wanna do this again in my near future. new week has started.
x-mas and new year are coming soon.....

Saturday, December 11, 2004

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow


Wednesday, December 08, 2004

my thoughts i wanna say sorry for the most of the part not writing in English today.
i'm so feeling inferior to lacking of my English ability. but i really wanna note the thing to self, so let me allow to write in Japanese.


the following is one of my favorite words.

success is doing the best u can,
in as many ways as u can.
it is being just and honest and true
not in a few things, but in everything u do.

always look ahead and never look back,
believe u can make all ur dreams come true.
Always believe in the best u can be
and have faith in the things that u do.

forget about mistakes u made yesterday,
the lessons u learn will prove valuable for today...
never give up and think that ure throught....
for there's always tomorrow and a chance to begin brand new.

it is in dreaming the greatest dreams...
and seekinbg the highest goals...
that we build the brightest tomorrow...

there is no limit to the goals u can attain,
or the success u can achieve...
ur possibilities are endless as ur dreams.

whatever it is that u seek in life,
whatever ur dreams and what u hope to chieve,
whatever u try to reach - whatever u plan...
can all be yours - if only believe u can.

did u feel it? 'cause i did.
this is the message from my precious person.
actually, u can find it at the hospital in Montreal.

k.gatta go. just wanted to straighten up my thoughts.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

one of my problems

uhm....i have some troubles about walking the
the thing is that snow is when i go outside and step........
and then slipping on the ice! however, when i look around the people, nobody's slipping like me!! i wonder how people here are walking on this pretty bad situation, weather and road condition....they have developed their muscles for this? they know some special technics?

yes, i know i walk funny, even if it's in a normal situation.
but seriously, i should know how to walk, how not to slip.

is there any good suggestion for the poor girl?

2月とかになると、息を吸うだけで普通に鼻の中がこおるらしい。なんちゅう国じゃ・・・。 でもこんな寒さのなかの街中のクリスマスデコレーションはたまらなく綺麗だったりするんだな。

pix up soon. i promise u, guys.

Monday, December 06, 2004


omg....-8 degree now. last night was -10
it's cold....i don't think i'm gonna survive in this freezing country.
regret to come here a little bit...huh.

nomally, when the weather is bad or like this, people intend to stay in their houses and never go outside. However, i'm quite busy these days and prefer to go outside. haha. crazy japanese.

today, i don't feel really good... when i went grocery, i almost lost my temper.
gonna go to bed early. but after watching "Meet Joe Black"

on wkend, i had a really good time.
add 2 more hobbies.

play at an arcade(game center)

go to rippers

good hobbies,huh? friends in Japan





Sunday, December 05, 2004

such is life part2

today was a quite good and at the same time kinda sad day...
i was just just hit to the pretty basic but very important questions:

do i like who i am?
do i even know who i am?

can u answer these things easily? i realized and recognized that i can't.
the thing is that what is what i want to do.i've had a really uncomfortable life these days. couldn't figure out it. but just today, i did.
i really need to think about this.

and...i saw the movie "closer"
it gave me the chance to shed some tears.....
it was a little bit sweet and a little bit bitter.
recommend u to see this.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

it's cold....

omg...time flies!!
it's already December!!!


holy shit!!
it's snoooooooooooooowing!!!

ok, so...i finally sent my letters to CAQ.
it took for a long time!!! all things that i can do now is just waiting for their acceptance letter. and then i have to apply for student visa to the goverment in Canada.

i've been knitting these days. making a scarf.
and today the thing was happened. i was asked about it(ex: how to do that, where can u get a yarn or something like that.)by three strangers at the same place.
well, honestly the people here are really friendly so i was getting used to being talked like that. thus, it was really good oppotunity to practice to speak in English:) it was fun. in addition, one of the strangers seemed that he's really interested in knitting and we talked for like an hour, not only about knitting but also about each other. he's 50y.o or something. really calm and he's working as a director on TV.(just to make sure that i don't believe all about him. i wanna but i can't. that's one of the important things that i learned here.)we had quite good time. However, he was so excited about our conversations that he was late for a meeting for his what a man.

so anyway, i wasn't not too bored today.
k, gatta go get tutored..... yes, i AM a good student!!!