Wednesday, December 01, 2004

it's cold....

omg...time flies!!
it's already December!!!


holy shit!!
it's snoooooooooooooowing!!!

ok, so...i finally sent my letters to CAQ.
it took for a long time!!! all things that i can do now is just waiting for their acceptance letter. and then i have to apply for student visa to the goverment in Canada.

i've been knitting these days. making a scarf.
and today the thing was happened. i was asked about it(ex: how to do that, where can u get a yarn or something like that.)by three strangers at the same place.
well, honestly the people here are really friendly so i was getting used to being talked like that. thus, it was really good oppotunity to practice to speak in English:) it was fun. in addition, one of the strangers seemed that he's really interested in knitting and we talked for like an hour, not only about knitting but also about each other. he's 50y.o or something. really calm and he's working as a director on TV.(just to make sure that i don't believe all about him. i wanna but i can't. that's one of the important things that i learned here.)we had quite good time. However, he was so excited about our conversations that he was late for a meeting for his what a man.

so anyway, i wasn't not too bored today.
k, gatta go get tutored..... yes, i AM a good student!!!


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