Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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i've been looking for his x-mas presents these days...
ack...i donno what to buy.
but actually, i may have already decided in my mind.....
one of the presents that i think to buy is huuuuuuuuuuge one:) muwahahahahahahahaha!!

and i have a "surprise" for him today.SURPRIIIIIIISE!!!
hope it works and it makes u happy.....

today, i took a pace forward.
i took an appointment for my eyes check. what's the new step?
uhm...actually, i didn't know that i could check my eyes and made my glasses here.
u think it's funny,huh? that's NOT funny. seriously, i thought i had to go back to Japan!! did u know we can do that? so anyway, my geeting-worse-because-of-too-much-studying-i-hope eyes' check is on next Tuesday.

geeting hungry.
gatta make hamburger-steak stew:) Mmmmmmmm!!


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