Thursday, November 25, 2004


i couldn't sleep well last night!! well, to tell the truth,i did well. but somehow i feel i couldn't. do ya know what i mean? i wanna share this feeling with u guys...i can think following these two reasons.
first:i did too much exercise in my dreams.
second:my nose was stuffed up by a cold.
have u ever done those experiences? when i woke up,i felt so tired....

so anyway,inspite of my condition, i had to go to my agency to do my stuff for extending my student visa. can u imagine how complicated work i have to do just because of staying non-motherland for a while?? there are soooo much trouble and u need soooo much energy only for doing this. but i have no choice. otherwise i'm gonna be kicked my ass by the goverment in Canada.huh!

i wore mini skirt today...well i mean a little while ago. it's not that cold now but i'm gatta go to secondcup and study, which means i don't need to dress up in fine i changed my cloth to a pair of black pants n running shose. i think that these kinds of fashion are the second most comfortable style of all. what's the most? well it's up to ur imagination,everyone. me? uhm....i think Nancy,Anna,Kathy,Elizabeth and Daisy is the best:)

omg,i feel sore all over my body....:(


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