Monday, November 29, 2004

such is life

these past two months, i really enjoy cooking.
well, maybe it's just because i'm one of the people who has a bunch of time....haha.
cooking has been my favoite time recently. i think i start to dip into a gourmet.
i used to be not interesting in food. i mean...not crazy about it. However,some guy made me change like this.'s ok....but these days, i've spent the time to cook for like 2 or 3 hours. huh. i wanna show my mom my incredibly-improved-technic of cooking. she would be soooo impressed!!!!

oh "incredible" reminds me....we went to see the movie "the incredibles" this weekend. that's sooooo great!! and i was really surprised that the computer technic has quite developed. u need to see it, ladies and gentlemen in my homecountry:)

one more thing....i went to a haircut yesterday. don't worry, it's not because i was broken my heart. become looks really short. but i really like it:) i'm gonna put pix in montreal as soon as possible.

k.gatta go.
i'm sooooo full now. but....i'm gonna think about a dessert:b


Blogger mayo said...

I can feel you really like to cook. Whenever I talked to u, you always think what you're gonna cook. I'm sure you're gonna be good wife & mom. I do wanna taste your dish next time.

9:35 PM  
Blogger megan said...

i really happy that u visited here!
i'm gonna give u a bunch of kisses;)

9:54 PM  

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