Tuesday, December 07, 2004

one of my problems

uhm....i have some troubles about walking the street.lol.
the thing is that snow is freezing....so when i go outside and step........
and then slipping on the ice! however, when i look around the people, nobody's slipping like me!! i wonder how people here are walking on this pretty bad situation, weather and road condition....they have developed their muscles for this? they know some special technics?

yes, i know i walk funny, even if it's in a normal situation.
but seriously, i should know how to walk, how not to slip.

is there any good suggestion for the poor girl?

2月とかになると、息を吸うだけで普通に鼻の中がこおるらしい。なんちゅう国じゃ・・・。 でもこんな寒さのなかの街中のクリスマスデコレーションはたまらなく綺麗だったりするんだな。

pix up soon. i promise u, guys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

おはよーございます、健太です。あえてここは日本語で。もうお前が日本を出て8ヶ月もたったわけですが、いつもメッセしてるからなんか違和感w異聞の夢に一歩近づいていてなんかうらやましいなあ・・・。俺も来年はインターンで海外の予定、いい経験ができるかしら。 相変わらず仕事は忙しいっす^^; ちょくちょくコメントだしていくので英語でだめだしよろしくな♪ 

9:53 PM  
Blogger megan said...

awwww! i'm glad u to leave the message here.
keep chking this site:)! n don't forget to comment!!
promise that i'm gonna up my pix here;)

10:06 PM  
Blogger Micah said...

No suggestions, but you're not alone. During my junior year of college in Virginia, my friends and I spent our spring break in Quebec City (most people go to the warm weather for spring break - not us). Now, we were not used to the massive amounts of snow up there. So, one night we were walking down a street and one of my friends totally bites it. I'm still laugh about it now and it happened seven years ago.

1:14 AM  

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