Wednesday, December 08, 2004

my thoughts i wanna say sorry for the most of the part not writing in English today.
i'm so feeling inferior to lacking of my English ability. but i really wanna note the thing to self, so let me allow to write in Japanese.


the following is one of my favorite words.

success is doing the best u can,
in as many ways as u can.
it is being just and honest and true
not in a few things, but in everything u do.

always look ahead and never look back,
believe u can make all ur dreams come true.
Always believe in the best u can be
and have faith in the things that u do.

forget about mistakes u made yesterday,
the lessons u learn will prove valuable for today...
never give up and think that ure throught....
for there's always tomorrow and a chance to begin brand new.

it is in dreaming the greatest dreams...
and seekinbg the highest goals...
that we build the brightest tomorrow...

there is no limit to the goals u can attain,
or the success u can achieve...
ur possibilities are endless as ur dreams.

whatever it is that u seek in life,
whatever ur dreams and what u hope to chieve,
whatever u try to reach - whatever u plan...
can all be yours - if only believe u can.

did u feel it? 'cause i did.
this is the message from my precious person.
actually, u can find it at the hospital in Montreal.

k.gatta go. just wanted to straighten up my thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Megu

Hi!!!How are you?!
Today,I wanna write in English..aha-ha!!

I'm great fine&happy that Keion's member(yamazaki,hasiguchi,mito...e.t.c.) praise me because your Drum's skill is nice!!!
So,I have practiced very hard...I was worth doing!!
...Tomorrow,I play music at final LIVE!!DO MY BEST☆

By the way...

I was also sad in watching your messege(;。;)
You're only walking straight life what you had believed.
well...if I think going abroad alone,I will be panic!!
Surely,I will cry everyday&night..ue--nn!!
...Maybe, you are hard more than I think.
But...but,you must be brave&strong,you lived in Japan.
So,Cheer up~~~♪
Don't cry and remain negative!
It is not gooood to think something difficult!!
Let's enjoy your life optimistically♪

We support you from JAPAN☆★☆
We're looking forward to coming back in Japan on next year!!!


From mattyan

4:38 PM  
Blogger megan said...

thanks for your message.

have a great concert.
u guys are great:)
i really wanted to join it.

i'm looking forward to being reunion;)

8:03 PM  

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