Tuesday, November 30, 2004

no title

i've been looking for his x-mas presents these days...
ack...i donno what to buy.
but actually, i may have already decided in my mind.....
one of the presents that i think to buy is huuuuuuuuuuge one:) muwahahahahahahahaha!!

and i have a "surprise" for him today.SURPRIIIIIIISE!!!
hope it works and it makes u happy.....

today, i took a pace forward.
i took an appointment for my eyes check. what's the new step?
uhm...actually, i didn't know that i could check my eyes and made my glasses here.
u think it's funny,huh? that's NOT funny. seriously, i thought i had to go back to Japan!! did u know we can do that? so anyway, my geeting-worse-because-of-too-much-studying-i-hope eyes' check is on next Tuesday.

geeting hungry.
gatta make hamburger-steak stew:) Mmmmmmmm!!

blah blah blah

i cough all day...
my abdominal muscle is getting tired.huh.

today, when i studied at the same place, something happened.
immediately, i heard that some guy said "FREEZE!!"
wtf!? where was i? there was only the regular coffee shop! u can't hear like that word!
fortunately or not, i didn't see the scene. i could. But just from my seat, the plant bothered me. thus, i just heard the sound that two people struggled and went outside. there was the hubbub for a while, but after that nobody talked about it, like nothing happened. it was like a few-minute-suspense show or something.

i felt a culture difference today.

Monday, November 29, 2004

such is life

these past two months, i really enjoy cooking.
well, maybe it's just because i'm one of the people who has a bunch of time....haha.
cooking has been my favoite time recently. i think i start to dip into a gourmet.
i used to be not interesting in food. i mean...not crazy about it. However,some guy made me change like this. uhm...it's ok....but these days, i've spent the time to cook for like 2 or 3 hours. huh. i wanna show my mom my incredibly-improved-technic of cooking. she would be soooo impressed!!!!

oh "incredible" reminds me....we went to see the movie "the incredibles" this weekend. that's sooooo great!! and i was really surprised that the computer technic has quite developed. u need to see it, ladies and gentlemen in my homecountry:)

one more thing....i went to a haircut yesterday. don't worry, it's not because i was broken my heart. become looks really short. but i really like it:) i'm gonna put pix in montreal as soon as possible.

k.gatta go.
i'm sooooo full now. but....i'm gonna think about a dessert:b

Thursday, November 25, 2004


i couldn't sleep well last night!! well, to tell the truth,i did well. but somehow i feel i couldn't. do ya know what i mean? i wanna share this feeling with u guys...i can think following these two reasons.
first:i did too much exercise in my dreams.
second:my nose was stuffed up by a cold.
have u ever done those experiences? when i woke up,i felt so tired....

so anyway,inspite of my condition, i had to go to my agency to do my stuff for extending my student visa. can u imagine how complicated work i have to do just because of staying non-motherland for a while?? there are soooo much trouble and u need soooo much energy only for doing this. but i have no choice. otherwise i'm gonna be kicked my ass by the goverment in Canada.huh!

i wore mini skirt today...well i mean a little while ago. it's not that cold now but i'm gatta go to secondcup and study, which means i don't need to dress up in fine cloth...so i changed my cloth to a pair of black pants n running shose. i think that these kinds of fashion are the second most comfortable style of all. what's the most? well it's up to ur imagination,everyone. me? uhm....i think Nancy,Anna,Kathy,Elizabeth and Daisy is the best:)

omg,i feel sore all over my body....:(

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

my one day

uhm...so i was bored today.
no,no,no.not bored....well....a little bit bored.
it's just because this damn rain!!
I have so much things to do but somehow i don't wanna.
still hurts my throat.
today, i overslept and be late for getting tutored. but the thing was fine because my teacher also overslept.lol. had chiken soup and orange juice at her house. it sounds weired to have those things at the same time. but i couldn't complain about it 'cause i need vitamin!! after that, had a cup of honey lemon tea at secondcup and studied by myself.
and now,i'm watching food net work channel. yo,that's great!! when u have a bunch of time,i recommend u to watch this!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


maybe....i'm siiick!!!
damn it!!!

had two cups of honey lemon tea at secondcup n bought some lemon candies for my poor throat:( have u ever tried honey lemon tea? that's yummy:) i heard that it's good for my throat...hope getting better soon...

Monday, November 22, 2004

my new page

boys and girls, i finally made my site....
just note to self: WOOOOHOOO!!!