Monday, December 13, 2004

santa claus is coming.....soooooooooon!

Friday: had dinner w/ my tutor. she made butter chicken. that's soooooo yummy. we were supposed to go to KARAOKE. However we're late and had to cancel.....sux. drunken Italian guys talked to me when i waited for coming metro. they had really strong accent, so it was really hard to catch but we had some conversations and said good-bye. what i want to say is that i COULD have a conversation in English. that's great!! well, some people may say that it's a little bit risky thing to talk w/ strangers. But at that time, i even didn't care about that. hahaha. crazy jap.

Saturday: went shopping. saw the movie "ocean's twelve". it was good:) Catherine zeta-jones was still hot. had a good time. after that we ate chocolate brownie and had some apple wine. as u know, i got drunk even though i didn't finish a glass of wine. huh.

Sunday: went shopping. cleaned up the house for new year, actually for having a x-mas tree. the fake one. but really good to have a x-mas tree:) i was sooooooooo excited during decorating it. to tell the truth, i can't wait for x-mas!!! hey, i'm still allowed to wait for it and x-mas gifts, right?
after that, took a bath w/ candles and musics. omg, that's siiiiiick!! i wanna do this again in my near future. new week has started.
x-mas and new year are coming soon.....


Blogger mayo said...

I can understand what u said. I also sometimes talk to strangers. If you can consider situation, it is ok.
Well, I am going to new mall with Yasushi next friday.
I will go to brookstone, so please get ready to pick up your cell anytime. I hope I can enjoy cristmas shopping& you enjoyed it. If it is possible, attach some pictures of Cristmas tree and sightseeing over there.

12:55 AM  

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