Wednesday, December 29, 2004

it's been a long time since i've seen u last
how time goes fast

i'm well
though i've gone through some deep changes in my life
it hasn't been easy
It's been difficult at times

sometimes i sit down and cry
and ask god why
fair what is

i know how ure feelin
same thing i did deal with
ure not as alone as u may feel
u see catches up to us fast
we have to deal with our past
i know it's painful but
there ull find specialness
cuz everybody needs to feel real special
we need to remember
that love lies deep within ourselves
we have to
want it so
it starts with us and only us

we must learn
we're all born
with specialness inside of us
i have the need to feel real special too
u see
u can't run away from ur pain
because wherever u run
there u will be

u have to learn
to water ur spiritual garden
u will be free


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