Saturday, September 10, 2005

the end and the beginning.

a new perfume and
a new hair-style

new text books and
new note books

the new semester has started.
1. introduction to financial acct
2. introductory of management statistics
3. marketing management 2
4. survey of basic mathematics

it's been really productive days recently.
i think i've been enjoying this life style in MTL.

sometimes i have just realized that im no longer
a "learning-english student". im actually taking some courses
in the university and my grade at school shows that i have enough ability
to take classes as a "student". listening to what teachers say,
taking notes in the class, doing assignments,
and chatting with friends like normal students do.

....."it took long time to get here"

that's what i thought. 1 year and 5 months was sooooooo long and
one of the hardest period in my life. however, at the same time,
this period had made me truly strong and more independent.
so many things which i've never experienced happened....
i think more happenings will wait for me in the future.
but i think i can make it and go though it...somehow.

my heart is leaping with hopes and excitements.


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