Thursday, August 04, 2005

omg. i'm talking about cars.

i used have no knowledge about cars.
but somehow (huge influence from somebody.haha), i've been interested in cars recently.
top AAA cars 2005 is below.

Make/model Category
Jaguar XJ Long Wheelbase--$50,000 or more
Acura RL-----------------------------$40,000–$50,000
Lexus GS ----------------------------$50,000–$40,000
Volvo S80--------------------------- $30,000–$35,000
Infiniti G35--------------------------- $25,000–$30,000
Chrysler 300 ------------------------$20,000–$25,000
Honda Accord ----------------------$15,000–$20,000
Mazda3 --------------------------under $15,000
Volvo XC90--------------------------SUV over $30,000
Ford Escape Hybrid-----------------SUV under $30,000
Honda Odyssey------Minivan
Honda Ridgeline-------------Pickup Truck
Ford Mustang-----------Cool Car

well, well, well.....but my new babe is the best.


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