Thursday, July 07, 2005

star festival (tanabata) 7th of july

Long long ago, the God in the heaven had a daughter named Orihime (means Weaver, the star Vega). She was everyday weaving cloths for the god using weaver called as tanahata. The God was anxious about too hard working daughter and one day he introduced a youngster named Kengyuh (means Cowherd, the star Altair) who also works hard taking care of cows. And they fell in love at the first glance and they now forgot their work letting the cloths of god wasted and cows in ill.

The god was angry about it and let them live apart separated by Ama no kawa (River in the Heaven, the Milky Way). Then Orihime was weeping all day long. The god pitied her and allowed them to meet once in a year at the night of 7th of July (July is the seventh month. Seven was lucky number from that time).
If it rains on this occasion, the River of Heaven is flooded and prevent them to meet. Therefore, on 6th of July, people pray for them not to rain on this day, dedicating Tanzaku (a strip of poetry paper) to the star in various colors writing their wishes (including people's own wishes) hunging them on leafy bamboo.

let's make a wish upon a star...


Anonymous eikies said...

正直七夕はバイトで短冊みるまで完璧に忘れてた。笑 そんな感じやから後で祈ってもしゃあないしなぁ。おりひめさんとひこぼし君にあやかってカップル達は仲良くできればいっすね。

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