Wednesday, January 05, 2005

i always wanna be the person who i wanna be.
the person is a kind of superwoman.
she's the person everyone wishes they could be.
everyone thinks

she has a talent to do everything so well.
however, in fact, the reason she looks perfect is that
she is a tenacious and a diligent woman.
she can do everything impetuously, because she is
relentless in herself.
needless to say, she is strong and invincible.
she has uncompromising desires.

until acheving the desires, dreams and goals,
she doesn't know how to give up.
she'll never be afraid of failures.
even if she fails in something, 
she would be resilient and she'll re-start

being the person who she wanna be.
she is a soldier.
the strongest enemy for her is herself.
she always has a pugnacious character and
will not be defeated by herself.
i always wanna be the woman who'll never give up
being the person who she wanna be.


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