Thursday, May 05, 2005

the second day of marketing management 1...

it was only OK because my english is not completed.
i wonder how funner this class becomes if i understand more.
i would learn more information and this class would
be more valuable.

while taking the class, somehow one question came up to my mind;
are teachers here funnier than ones in japan??

well,the most of the reasons i felt so come from differences of
culture and sense of humor, i guess. in addition, i felt so
becuase i pay more attention to what a teacher says than before.
maybe they(teachers in japan) were talking same things.
maybe they were as funny as teachers here.

anyway, we're gonna have a group project,too.
it's gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuuun!!!
i'm a kind of excited:D
(a little wooohoooo!!)

*another update for japan*
golden weekとか・・・一体ダレが付けた名前なんだ??


Blogger abhinav said...

teachers are all the same everywhere. i m also taking marketing classes, its interesting as it defies all laws

6:03 AM  

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