Tuesday, February 22, 2005


last weekend, went to Toronto w/ my friend Kei,
her friend Eriko and my mr.right.

took for 5 hours by car and that night,supposed to go
to the restaurant. However,i forgot to bring my
ID card....sux.Friend managed to get his friend's ID and
got into there.huh. after that, one of his crazy drunken
friends let me drink a shot of whiskey as a punishment.

the second day,
we went shopping and looked around tour stuff.
i had a Korean BBQ for the first time for the dinner.
it was soooooooo good.yum.

the last day, had a chinese food and went shopping
again. my friends from japan were soooooooo happy
that they could buy their cloth that cheap and said
"here is heaven"......so cute.

in short, the happiest thing of the weekend
was i could watch K.G. *love* lol.


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