Tuesday, February 15, 2005

let's just say i'm not lazy....

"somebody" pointed out that my recent posts were
trifled with. However the thing is that i've been
soooooooooo busy!!

my school has taken my precious life time.
i'm exausted every day.

so i'd like to list up my recent happy
happenings to escape from the reality.lol.
*planing to head to Toronto....yay!
*my friend came to Montreal....yay yay!
*happy happy 8!
*happy vday!!

uhm...what else....
oh, recently, i've been hooked on "the football game."
every time we play, we bet something.
that makes us more excited.

oh, one more thing. just let u guys know that
i still go to the GYM:) sometimes.lol.

k. does my web site become to be better?
not too boring?
if so, just give me some comments pls....
because i'm satisfied my post now. huh.


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